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Get Inspired

Our baskets come in all shapes and sizes! The amount of ways our baskets can be used is infinite and we love to see examples of people using their NWA Basket Works' basket. Check this page out for how your basket can reflect your own personal style. Explore some ways your basket can be useful or just look pretty! We update this Lookbook often, so be sure to check back here.



Summer Staples


 Fashion Statement

Basket purses are a not only cute but also a functional work of art!
A basket purse is the perfect addition to an outfit for a farmer's market run or a picnic date. There are countless ways to mix patterns of weaving and color to match your personal aesthetic.

Plant Holders

A creative and fun way to display your green thumb! These baskets are customizable in size, shape and color, so that they can be the perfect fit for that special plant. Larger baskets make great holders for a house palm or a large snake plant. Small sizes are great for windowsills or small spaces for growing herbs and succulents. All of our baskets have sturdy wooden bases making them less likely to tip over!

Game Night

Baskets are the perfect tool for organizing your things. Customize your basket to fit in your living space, any dimension, size and color you want! Show off your basket and also put it to use by storing things such as your favorite board games.


Baby Baskets 

Baskets are the perfect thing to gift for baby showers. Instead of buying a bag that will just get tossed, you can arrange your items in a beautiful basket that will last a life time.  


Loading up for a 3 day basket event in Branson MO. 2022